A handy but not widely known tip for Revit Selection Box (BX)

It’s funny when sometimes you just assume that everyone knows about a certain feature or tool, only to have them say ‘How did you just do that? Do it again.'

Let’s see how many Revit users out there don’t know about this one, which is a much easier way of accessing Selection Box than going to a 3D view, checking the Selection Box is on in the view properties, and then trying to drag the defining scope grips just to display the portion of the model you want.

Instead, go to a plan view (or section, elevation etc.) and select the objects you wish to see. Now either type BX as the keyboard shortcut or go Modify tab> View> Selection Box.

revit selection box 2

And there you have it. Your 3D view is generated perfectly cropped.

revit selection box cover

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