Revit Circuit Referencing Using Dynamo

One of the things I get asked regularly whilst teaching the electrical section of a Revit MEP course is whether you can re-format the circuit references for 3 phase circuits so that they look more like the UK standard. Autodesk Revit circuit referencing uses the US format for the 3 live phases which are A, B & C, whereas in the UK we use L1, L2, L3. Therefore, when you create electrical circuits as standard they will look as below with the phase followed by the way (A1, B1, C1). However, in the UK we reference the way followed by the phase (1/L1, 1/L2, 1/L3).

revit dynamo circuit referencing intro 1

To give the reference a more UK format initially you can at access the ‘Electrical Settings > General Tab’ and amend the circuit naming by phase preferences to A = L1, B = L2 & C = L3. This will now give you the circuit number L11, although by adding a hyphen or oblique after the phase reference in the electrical settings, you will get a slightly better format i.e. L1/1.

revit dynamo circuit referencing intro 2

This is all well and good but it still doesn’t answer the entire question, as the formatting of the circuit reference is still not quite right.

However, there must be a way of extracting the data and re-formatting it from phase/way to way/phase. But how?

This got me thinking as to whether Dynamo could be used to do this. I looked online and found some work in this area had been done already, so things were looking positive, and to get more up to speed I used ‘Global eTraining’ which was fantastic, and in just a short space of time I was able to start working on the scripts.

After reviewing the options using Dynamo I opted to split the circuit reference into two, thereby separating the phase and the way. For this I needed to create custom parameters to extract the information to; these would be created from a shared parameter file so tags could also be created.

For more details on how this was done, please register and download the articles and even the Dynamo scripts. In the first part of the Revit Circuit Referencing Using Dynamo series, we look at creating the custom parameters and adding them to the project, and this is available now.

Follow the link to find out more about our informative Global eTraining courses. If you have any other enquiries, please send us a message:

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Revit Circuit Referencing Using Dynamo Part One
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