Revit Doors for Clash Detection

Revit Doors for Clash Detection ImageHere’s a short and sweet little Revit tip.

Have you ever needed to determine whether a door once opened will cause issues with other building objects, services or even furniture when space panning?

Whilst you can see the leaf and swing in a plan view, this isn’t always adequate.

A simple way to add the entire leaf opening volume to a door is by adding a rectangular extrusion to in the door family. Remember to lock this extrusion to the Reference Planes used to define the doors size – this way the extrusion will update when you alter the doors width and height.

Set the material of the extrusion to an 80% or so, transparency and also create a Yes / No Visibility Parameter for the extrusion. This way you will be able to see the opening volume of the door in Revit and also turn this on and off as desired.

Revit Doors for Clash Detection Family Types Image

Now you will able to fully visualise the doors opening volume, as well as running the clash detection tool in both Revit and Navisworks Manage.

Revit Doors for Clash Detection Interference Report Image

This is also useful for when you are using solutions such as Navisworks to determine whether an object can be manoeuvred around and through openings e.g. desks and couches etc. You could create a door family with the leaf constrained by parameters which can control its opening percentage. That’s pretty straight forward – what isn’t so easy is to then control all the other components on the door – but this way is quicker and easier.

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