Revit Families For Manufacturers

BIM-For-MFG-Revit-FamiliesThe process of creating your BIM objects (Revit families) can often seem like it will be a daunting and long journey to eventually get data-rich objects. But ensuring that your product(s) will be able to compete within the ever growing BIM world couldn't be simpler with us.

Our specialist creation team staffed by industry experts within the manufacturing and architectural fields consistently create photo realistic visualisations and renders that can lend your products the 'wow' factor. This enables your products to achieve higher levels of differentiation against your competitors' products.

Your Revit content or bespoke content will be able to be readily used in Building Information Modelling projects. By using a Revit format your object will certainly have wider scope as almost 50% of those implementing BIM are also using Revit*.

It was recently found by RIBA that those objects created with the Autodesk software had the greatest share of download from the National BIM Library at 49%. This enables your objects to be greatly compatible and widely used within an array of projects.

Your content can be constructed from your 2D drawings or sketches in order to make your products available in a 3D BIM format or as a manufacturer we could alter your existing manufacturing 3D CAD geometry.

Whatever your requirement then our specialist creation team will be able to help your business.

You may be thinking why should you create your own content when there is a vast amount already available on the BIM Library?

But if your competitors aren't offering these BIM objects then you will be the preferred manufacturer of choice in your field.

As an example, your client will be able see the your manufacturer's name, guarantee of your product, model number, dimensions and colour which means that they will be able to view the exact model they will be getting and how it fits within their project. This is certainly a beneficial aspect when completing a build.

So if you are a manufacturer for construction and need to provide Revit ready BIM content for specification purposes, call us on 023 8086 8947 to discuss your requirements.


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