Autodesk Revit News - Dynamo Player Included in Revit 2017.1

The ability to use and re-use your Dynamo scripts is now even easier with the introduction of the Dynamo Player included in the Revit 2017.1 update. This tool allows you to easily apply previously created routines into subsequent Revit projects.

Once you have updated to 2017.1 you will find the Dynamo Player on the manage tab next to Dynamo.

Dynamo Player Button in Revit

Upon selecting the Dynamo Player, the following dialogue box will appear where you can navigate to the folder containing the scripts you wish to load. You can also open up the folder from here and refresh the list if there are some new Dynamo scripts in your folder that aren’t displayed.

Dynamo Player Dialogue Box

Once you have your scripts showing in the window it is a simple case of clicking on the play button next to each one you wish to load.

This is just one of the enhancements available with the Revit 2017.1 update. If you wish to know about more of the features, just contact us on (023) 8086 8947.

Also, check out the ‘Graitec Advance PowerPack for Autodesk Revit’ for even more additional functionality including the excellent ‘Link to Excel’ feature. Just click the button below to find out more.

Find out more about the Graitec Revit PowerPack

If you have any enquiries, pease send us a message:

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