Revit Project Browser Organisation Without Using Browser Organisation

Recently I was visiting a customer, providing some on site Revit consultancy, they had a question on how to organise the Project Browser, Revit allows Browser Organisation by right clicking to top level View (all) folder. After showing the Browser Organisation filters and sorting/grouping options for organising the Project Browser they thought it was complicated and not exactly what they wanted.

I then showed them another option. For this method, I duplicate the floorplan type and rename it. With several floorplans, e.g. Ground, First, Second & Third each with duplicate plans set up showing different info e.g. a Ground Floor Planning View, a Ground Floor Furniture Layout and a Ground Floor Services Plan, they wanted to easily group them together by view type.

project browser organisation

With the floorplan, I want to organise active (double clicked so it’s bold) In the Properties Palette, I click on Edit Type and then duplicate.

project browser organisation 2

I will call this "Planning", and click ok. I don’t need to set anything else so ok the properties box.

project browser organisation 3

This creates a new Floor Plans (Planning) type folder in the Project Browser containing the Ground Floor Planning view.

project browser organisation 4

I repeat this process to create other floorplan type folders, e.g. one for Furniture and one for Services. I now change the type for the other floorplans, by selecting each floor plan in the Project Browser and from the Type Selector drop down changing to the relevant new type.

project browser organisation 5

This is a quick and simple way to produce custom organisation in the Project Browser without using Browser Organisation. This method can be used on Floor Plans, Sections, Elevations, 3D views, Callouts & Drafting views.

project browser organisation 6

Hope you found this Revit tip useful.

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