Revit's Magic Spacebar does so much more than flip and rotate doors

Many people know that it’s possible to flip and rotate Doors with the Spacebar while using Autodesk Revit, a principle that works with most standalone elements (Columns, Area Reinforcement, Electrical and Mechanical Equipment, Furniture etc).But you can use the Spacebar for so much more, what follows are some of the lesser known uses.

revit magic spacebar cover

revit magic spacebar 2General uses include:

• While using the Middle Mouse Wheel to navigate, toggle the Spacebar to alternate between ZOOM/SCROLL/PAN.

• Toggle the datum of Baseline dimensions.

• Align Component to a Wall - Insert Component, position Component on face of Wall, Spacebar to align, move Component away from Wall to offset, place Component.

revit magic spacebar 3

• Flip Linear Dimensions vertically and horizontally.

• Select Multiples.

• Align Tags. (Select Tag, change Orientation to ‘Model’, Spacebar to align.)

revit magic spacebar 4

• Flip arc direction of Revision Clouds.

• Select the Spacebar to trigger single character keyboard shortcuts:

A=Adjust Analytical Model.
B= Beam. (i.e. B + Spacebar to place a Beam)
C=Copy. (i.e. C + Spacebar to copy element)
D=Duct Accessories.
E=Check Circuits.
F=Flex Duct.
G=Graphic Display Options. (i.e. G + Spacebar to display dialogue)
H=Hidden Line Display.
I=Go Live.
K=Keyboard Shortcuts dialogue.
L=Place Loads.
M=Match Type.
N=Conduit Fittings.
P=Pipe Accessories.
R=Reset Analytical Model.
S=Structural Floor.
T=Cable Tray.
U=Project Units.
V=Visibility Graphics Overrides.

Note, the above can be used in conjunction with the Left/Right arrow keys to cycle between options. (i.e. ‘Z’ to action Zoom, then right arrow key for Zoom Previous, Zoom to fit, Zoom Out x2, Zoom in Region, Zoom Sheet Size.)

• Any tick box will toggle on/off with the spacebar.


• Flip Wall orientation.

• Flip Stair winder orientation.


• Flip Rebar hooks.

• Flip Rebar Placement.

• Spacebar to confirm structural Connection Placement.


• Match Duct and Pipe size and elevation.

• Select face placement for Fabrication parts.

revit magic spacebar 5

• Toggle Fabrication Fitting placement with Shift + Spacebar.

revit magic spacebar 6

• Add a Fabrication riser with Ctrl + Spacebar

You can use the Spacebar in conjunction with many Revit commands, experiment, you’re find many more examples.

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