Revit's Trick For Rotating Objects - The Magic Space Bar

How are you flipping your walls, doors and windows in Revit? And what about content like furniture?

Well here’s a little gem of a tip for new users.

You might already know that if you select a wall or window and press the Space Bar, that Revit will flip the element in the same way that it would if you click on the Flip Arrows. The same applies to doors, only it will cycle through flipping the door opening side and then the hinge side.

magic spacebar door

Neat.... but wait....

If you select a piece of furniture or a column for example, then pressing the space bar will rotate that object by 90° each time.

Cool.... but did you know...

That once you have selected your component to place and before you click to place it, you can hover over an element that’s set at an angle e.g. a wall face as in the image below and once Revit highlights the edge you can press the space bar and Revit will pick up that angle and allow you to rotate your element through 90° about that angle.

magic spacebar object angle

Not only that, but when you now place multiple objects, Autodesk Revit will now use that angel as part of the auto tracking placement.

magic spacebar door multiple objects

Who would have thought the space bar could do so much?

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