Revit Sheet Composition

Printed output in Revit is What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG), with a few exceptions:

  • The background colour for the print job is always white.
  • By default, reference planes, work planes, crop boundaries, unreferenced view tags, and scope boxes do not print. To include them in the print job, in the Print Setup dialog, clear the corresponding Hide options.
  • The print job includes elements that have been hidden from a view using the Temporary Hide/Isolate tool.
  • Line weights modified by the Thin Lines tool print at their default line weight.

Meaning, whatever your sheet composition looks like on screen, is basically what you’re going to get on your paper.

With that in mind and putting aside the various tools such as Visibility Graphics and the View Control Bar etc. use to control the appearance of a given view, here are a couple of useful quick tips to help get your sheet composition spot on:

Guide Grids

Guide grids help arrange views so that they appear in the same location from sheet to sheet.

You can display the same guide grid in different sheet views. Guide grids can be shared between sheets.

When new guide grids are created, they become available in the instance properties of sheets and can be applied to sheets. It is recommended to create only a few guide grids and then apply them to sheets. When you change the guide grid's properties/extents in one sheet, all the sheets which use that grid are updated accordingly.

revit sheet composition guide grids tool ribbon

revit sheet composition guide grids tool

When the guide grid is selected, you can change the spacing and name in the Properties.

revit sheet composition guide grids tool modify grid

Crop Region Size

You can explicitly set the height and width of a crop region in paper space.

This means the size of the region in the view is the same size as the region on a sheet. You can also specify the offset of the annotation crop region from the model crop region.

revit sheet composition guide grids tool size crop

  1. In the drawing area, select the crop region you wish to adjust.
  2. Click Modify > view type > tab > Crop panel revit sheet composition guide grids tool size crop icon(Size Crop). The Crop Region Size dialog opens.
  3. If you are modifying a crop region in a perspective 3D view, select either Field of view or Scale (locked proportions). Examples of these modes are provided at the end of this procedure.
  4. Modify the values for width and height. Note: If you selected Scale for a perspective 3D view, you can modify only height or width, because the values are locked.
  5. Modify the offset values for the annotation crop. Annotation crop options are not available for perspective 3D views.
  6. Click Apply to make the changes, or click OK to make the changes and close the dialog.

There are 2 modes for resizing the crop region: Field of View mode and Scale mode.

  • In Field of View mode, you are stretching the crop region to the specified size. For example, if you change a crop region from 100 mm wide by 75 mm high to 50 mm wide by 25 mm high, the crop region updates accordingly. Field of View mode is for perspective and non-perspective views.
  • In Scale mode, you change either the height or the width, and Revit maintains the aspect ratio. When you change the value, the view scales, but the field of view remains the same. Scale mode is for perspective views only.

NOTE: The scale mode is one that I often point users to when they wish to make the perspective camera views they’ve create, larger on their sheets, without altering the actual view content.

revit sheet composition guide grids model crop

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