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Revit Structure 2015In my previous post on Revit 2015 I discussed the features of the new edition of Revit Architecture but there are many more features of latest version for those of you in the structural engineering sector.

Revit Structure 2015 brings you a number of enhanced and new editions to help you get more out of your software as well producing improved project documentation.

The first feature that has been enhanced is the analytical model which has been improved in several different areas. You can use the Analytical Model Categories visibility settings to display Local Coordinate System widgets alongside structural analytical elements in a view. This allows you to basically improve your ability to manipulate and explore the analytical model within Revit. Revit Structure 2015 Reinforcement

As for the reinforcement of your parts in Revit Structure there are a number of changes especially to add reinforcement to concrete parts created from surface elements (such as walls and floors).

In terms of rebar and fabric reinforcement you can now have number sequencing that matches with existing reinforcements which allows for identical reinforcement elements to be matched for schedules and tags.

Revit Structure Fabric SheetRevit Structure 2015 also allows you to place single instances of fabric sheets to precisely reinforce sections of concrete walls, floors or slab foundations. This feature gives you the flexibility to define the reinforcement that you require by means of a structural fabric sheet and can be moved individually if needed.

If you require a more accurate and readable presentation for rebar sets then the latest edition gives you the ability to do this as you are able to create better reinforced concrete shop drawings. The different bar presentation consequently allows you as the user to see only a representative subset in each separate view.

When enhancing your rebar sets you may already be using the Multi Rebar Annotation tools but it can now be utilised further to include the grouping and sorting of tags or segments. This feature will give you greater support when analysing your reinforced concrete documentation.

There are also some new capabilities and features to enable a precise definition and placement of structural framing elements in space. You now have greater flexibility and interoperability when working with the physical geometry of framing elements in terms of location line visibility, graphical justification, shape handles and snapping improvements as well as setback improvements. Revit Structure Annotation

Last but not least you can now assign parameters to represent expected characteristics to structural framing and structural column families. By applying a section shape category to structural framing families you can improve the integrity of your data with BIM workflows and ensure consistent parameters to all for advanced integration between Revit and Simulation products.

To experience these new features and many others of Revit Structure 2015 then call us on 023 8086 8947 or request more information about upgrading today or buying a new seat.

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