Revit Switch Join Order - A Quick Guide

revit switch join order 1

Are you aware there are several tools available in Autodesk Revit for manipulating, modifying and managing the way elements are displayed in the drawing area? Switch Join Order reverses the way in which elements join together, and I will quickly show you how to use this handy feature.

Open a view that displays the elements to be joined. Click Modify tab > Geometry panel > Join drop-down > Switch Join Order. If you want to switch the join order of multiple elements with a common element, select Multiple Switch on the Options Bar.

revit switch join order 2

Select one element, and then select another element that joins with the first element. If you are using the Multiple Switch option, continue to select elements that intersect the first element. To exit the tool, click Modify or press Esc.

revit switch join order 3

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