Revit Tip: Close Hidden Windows

I was at a customer’s the other day and we were placing some quite large complex families, these were nested families containing all the components needed to put them together. We noticed it was taking a very long time to place them and in far it was an unacceptable amount of time. At first we believed this was down to how complex the families were.

Revit Tip Close Hidden Windows

After a little thinking I had an idea and typed WT (Window Tile), they had a lot of windows open for the project including several schedules. What you need to remember is that every time you open a view in Revit it will remain open in the background until you either close it of the project. Have a go at typing WT in Revit after you have been working on it all day.

Remember that one of the key features of Revit is Bi-Directional Associativity, i.e. a change anywhere is a change everywhere. Revit actually updates all open windows live, so the more views you have open the more changes are made live to the model. Closed views are only updated as you open them. In the case of my customer the families were updating the schedules live, adding approximately 200 nested families into the schedules at a time, let alone all the other views it had to update.

Revit Tip Close Hidden Windows Keyboard Shortcut

So how do we fix this? Look on the quick access toolbar, and you will notice that an icon exists there to close your hidden windows. Better still why not set up a keyboard shortcut? I use CW, click on the application button, click on options, the user interface. Click on Customize next to Keyboard Shortcut. Search for Close Hidden Windows and assign a shortcut.

Needless to say closing Hidden Windows, substantially increased the speed of Revit.

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