Revit Tip - Placing an Angled Dimension

Whilst using Revit, have you ever tried to place a dimension on an angled wall which is part of a larger wall system, but found that you couldn't configure the dimension to run parallel to the angled wall?

revit angled dimension 1


One option for correcting this would be to remove one of the walls adjacent to the angled wall, then select the angled wall, and a temporary dimension that is aligned with the angled wall will appear. When you make that dimension permanent, it will stay angled. You can then redraw the adjacent wall that you had removed.

You will need to select move witness lines to dimension the wall to the corner intersections.

revit angled dimension 2

Another option would be to draw two ref planes at the corner intersections and perpendicular to the wall face that you want to dimension, and then place a dimension between ref plane and ref plane. Just remember that the ref planes don’t print (but the dim will).

revit angled dimension 3

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