Revit Tips - Creating & Editing Holes in Walls

Revit-TipsRevit Wall Opening Tool
In this Revit video you can see how to create & edit a hole in a wall using the Wall Opening tool.

In Revit there are several ways to introduce holes or gaps in architectural walls, maybe the simplest way is to use the Wall opening tool off the Opening Panel on the main Architecture Ribbon.

After selecting a wall elevation it is a basic 2 click operation to place a hole that acts similarly to a basic rectangular window. At first glance the sill & head heights appear to be controlled only by relative distances to the wall geometry around it, however reviewing the properties palette, we can discover a hole height control parameter.

Revit Wall Openings by Profile
In the previous video we looked at ways to use the Revit Wall Opening tool, which is quick, but restricted to rectangular shapes; a more versatile method is to use Edit Profile tool were you can drive the shape of the wall by a simple sketch.

Like many sketch driven elements in Revit, the ability to edit a wall profile offers scope to customise your design and illustrate your design intent with ease.

Whilst this video illustrates techniques for introducing holes, the same method can be used to edit the shape of the Revit wall perimeter, i.e. top, bottom and side profiles.

Follow the link for more information on Revit Software or for more tips visit the Support section on our blog.

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