Revit tip: Fields with Formulas

Remember those days of having your calculator constantly by your side whilst working in AutoCAD? Well I guess this blog is two tips in one.

Firstly, Autodesk AutoCAD has an in-built calculator and what’s more, you can use QuickCalc directly as you would with a desktop calculator, or use it transparently within a command or the Properties palette. I.e. you can use whilst in the middle of another command.

autocad calculator tool

Now on to Autodesk Revit and Formulas. When inputting certain fields of measures into different Revit fields, such as the length of a wall, you can put away the calculator because Revit can read formulas in this fields, and will calculate this formula for you!

For example, if you have a wall set at 4000, but drop the wall height by 60%, you can simply write =4000*0.6 into the Revit field, and Revit will do the rest.

NOTE: You must begin your formula with = for Revit to recognise your entry.

autocad calculator revit formula tips

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