Revit Tips - Revit Thin Lines

ThinWhy is my Revit line-work thick and "splogy" and how can I fix it?

This is a common question especially from AutoCAD user who are used to seeing nice neat 0.25mm default line weights, and I asked the same question when I originally moved over to Autodesk Revit software.

The various different line thickness applied to Revit geometry are all part of the line weighted presentation style that helps users to easily identify important major features from minor details.

That's the reason why it's there, but how do you turn it off if it is not actually required?

If you need thin lines then we have  2 answers for you:

1.    If you would like to see Thin Lines type TL - Job done.
2.    From the  quick Access Toolbar click on the Thin Lines icon, it has 3 lines on it, half thick, half thin with a diagonal separation line, see status bar display in the graphic.


Just think “Thin Lines” and you have them.

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