Rollover Tooltips in Advance Steel

A really useful feature of Advance Steel, available since Advance Steel 2016, is rollover tooltips. These can display useful information about whatever object you hover over. Properties like section size, model role and part numbers are available so this can really help when checking or looking for certain parts.

rollover tollkit advance steel autodesk autocad

Unfortunately, this is not preconfigured for you so most people probably don’t know it exists. I've put together a short guide for you to enable these.

Here is how to set it up for yourself:

  • Enter the command CUI
  • In the top left list select “Rollover Tooltips”

rollover tollkit advance steel autodesk autocad customise user interface

  • On the right-hand side click the “Edit Object Type List” button

rollover tollkit advance steel autodesk autocad edit object type list customise

  • Select the desired object types to add to the list. All Advance Steel object types start with AST, for example ASTBEAM, ASTPLATE, ASTGRATING, ASTBOLTMID. Click OK.
  • Ignore objects with names starting ASTX as they have no usable attributes to display.
  • Select the desired object type in the list and on the right-most pane select the properties you want to display. E.g. Section Class, Name, Model Role, Single Part Number
  • Repeat for each object type
  • Click OK

I recommend keeping at least one basic AutoCAD property, such as layer, selected so that AutoCAD doesn’t get confused.

If you find the tooltips work sometimes and not others it may be worth restarting Advance Steel. If the first object you hover over after starting Advance Steel is a plate, then the tooltips will not work properly. To ensure they work make sure the first object you hover over is a beam.

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