Roofs on Irregular Shaped Buildings in Revit

We know that Autodesk Revit offers several methods of creating roofs. Roof by Footprint, Roof by Extrusion, Roof by Face and even Model in Place. We choose the method that best meets the needs of our design. But which method do we use when we have irregular shaped buildings and we have certain constraints like we need the ridge line to be a constant level.

I had a customer ask me about this very scenario, they had an irregular shaped building and needed a gable roof with a constant ridge line level but could not figure out how to achieve it.

Let’s say the building is an irregular shape something like the following:

roof irregular building revit

If we use Roof by Footprint and add our roof in the normal method, we get our first issue. The issue is for the ridge line to be at a constant level the angle of the slopes on the two sides would need to vary but because the roof by footprint tool only allows a single constant angle to each separate side the ridge line by default will slope down towards the narrow end of our irregular shaped building.

roof irregular building revit model

In this whitepaper, I will cover different methods to create a roof in revit, when the footprint of the building is unusual. Download this whitepaper by filling the form at the bottom of the post. If you'd like to learn more about Revit, you can do so through our e-learning Autodesk certified courses.

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