Rotating Model Space in AutoCAD Lt

In this video, I give 3 great tips for rotating the contents of AutoCAD in Model space when using Lt.

  1. How to use Model space viewports.
  2. Rotating a Model space viewport.
  3. How to save your custom named viewports.

This is a follow up to my previous post that explains how to rotate paper space layout views. We will be using some tools from the View Ribbon and then adding a toolset that you may not know even exists!

Rotating Model Space Viewports

rotate model view autocad ltIn the full version of AutoCAD rotating model space is a simpler process as it is designed to work in a 3D environment, making use of the UCS, (User Coordinate System icon), a View cube tool and various other interactive methods.

In AutoCAD Lt there are also various methods to rotate the model space and these tend to be a bit geeky so I will be showing you what I think is an easier way.

Once we have set up model space view ports we will explore how to save sets of viewports or single focussed viewports; this is a great way to continue working on a drawing at convenient angles or being able to quickly move to named areas of a building or an assembly.

Both the video and a step-by-step guide are available to download by filling the form below: 

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