Saving a Revit View to an External Project

I have been asked if it’s possible to export a Revit model to another Project and delete any superfluous data along the way. The long answer to this problem is to use ‘Save as’, and then delete the redundant items, typically Views and Sheets, etc. from the new Project.

Luckily, there’s a quicker solution, the ‘Save to New File’ option. This deletes everything unused or not visible.

So here’s the procedure.

• Create a new Sheet. (for exporting purposes)
• Import a 3D view onto the new Sheet.
• Right Mouse Button on the Sheet Icon in the Browser and select the ‘Save to New File...’ option.

Saving a Revit View to an External Project 1

• Save your new Project to the desired location.

If we compare the Project Browser from the original and the new projects you can see how all the surplus Views and Sheets have been removed.

Saving a Revit View to an External Project 2

Typically, this technique removes everything that was unused or hidden, any floor plan that was not the ‘Export’ version.

Typically, things that are kept are any Revit links, Levels, anything that was visible and the sheet that was exported. Note, this is not an exhaustive list.

Using a ‘Section Box’ within your exported view is also a useful way of removing parts of the model in preparation for the export.

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