Saving Assemblies to your Pallets in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017

So, you’ve updated your AutoCAD Civil 3D software to 2017 and are in the process of adding your new 2017 Assemblies to a tool pallet.... and this happens:

Copy to Clipboard Failed Image

Fig 1

As soon as you click on the assembly and then select it to drag onto the Toolpallets you get a message saying “Copy to Clipboard Failed” [fig 1].

Fear not! I’m not sure what is causing it, but something has changed for this to happen. So, to add your Assemblies to the tool pallet, change the ‘_proxygraphics’ system variable to ‘1’. This will allow you to add your Assemblies to your Toolpallets and save you the embarrassment of continually having to listen to the ‘windows asterisk of doom’ and banging your head against the desk whist colleagues look on in pity at your incompetence! [fig 2]

Fig 2

So, what does this magical little system variable actually do? The _proxygraphics system variable decides whether to save an image of the Civil 3D entity, for example a grading feature, with the drawing so that when you share it with users that don’t have Civil 3D or an AutoCAD variant with Civil Object Enablers, they can see the object rather than just a bounding box. But... This means your drawing files will be bigger. So don’t forget to turn it off again.

Here is an example of what it does.

Below is a Civil 3D drawing saved with _proxygraphics system variable set to 0, opened in AutoCAD without any Object Enablers loaded. This is what you see: [fig 3].

Civil 3D drawing proxygraphics system variable set to 0

Fig 3

Below is the very same Civil 3D drawing saved with _proxygraphics system variable set to 1 and opened in the same AutoCAD without any object enablers. [fig 4]

Civil 3D drawing with proxygraphics system variable set to 1

Fig 4

Now, as you can see this is a small drawing with very little in it. It has a small surface (250ish points) a small corridor (350m) and a small grading feature (4002m). When saved with and without proxy graphics the file sizes vary by quite a bit: [fig 5]

Proxy graphics file sizes

Fig 5

The first drawing is saved with proxy graphics turned off and the second one is the exact same drawing with them switched on. That is an increase of 10%. I imagine that if it’s a large drawing with lots of Civil 3D entities then this will add a substantial overhead to your drawings.

I hope this helps as a good workaround for now :)

If you would like to find out about AutoCAD Civil 3D software or training, just contact your local Graitec office today.

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