Setting up the Revit Project Browser to display views by scale.

Recently I was asked to help one of our clients to set up the Project Browser to display views by their ‘scale’ property then by their ‘discipline’. I thought this might be of interest to others, so this blog explains how it’s done.

Have you ever noticed the text displayed in brackets at the top of the Project Browser. Normally this will say ‘all’, meaning this is the current ‘Browser Organisation’ – the way the views are presented.

We can customise the browser organisations to display and filter the views however we please.

The default browser organisations are available from the View Tab – User Interface Icon – Browser Organisation tool. A dialogue box is presented with two tabs – Views or Sheets, presently we want to modify the views so that’s the Tab to activate. Here we can create and ‘make current’ a new browser organisation.

Select ‘New’ and provide a name for the additional organisation, then we can define the ‘Sorting and Grouping’ and in this case we want the first level of organisation to be by ‘View Scale’ then by ‘Discipline’ and finally by ‘Type’.

Once we have activated the new organisation, the views will re-order themselves accordingly.

From this point onwards, the views will be presented by scale then discipline and finally by type.

i.e. 1:100 – Mechanical – Floor Plans.

If you are interested in purchasing Autodesk Revit then head over to our software page to find out more or contact Graitec today and we will be happy to help.

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