Shape Generator in Autodesk Inventor 2017 utilises the groundbreaking progress of Generative Design

Autodesk's generative design tool Shape Generator will be an integral part of Inventor 2017. It was first introduced in the 2016 R2 release of Inventor, but now, with enhanced features and capabilities, it is available from the off.

Generative Design is part of the Future of Making Things (FOMT), and uses computer algorithms to create optimal design solutions, based upon the manual input of a set of constraints. Once given the constraints for a certain product, hundreds of solutions will be generated, from which the user can choose the option that has the most efficient use of materials.

Shape Generator is going to be an important tool in the design process in Inventor 2017. It means that once the product parameters are created, it will undergo a range of simulation tests, which will then allow the software to create the most lightweight viable design. The same software will also enable Nastran In-CAD to become even more thorough in its simulation capabilities.

Whilst users will be able to view and share models with Fusion 360, such complex computer processing will require a powerful workstation. To this end, our range of CAD workstations will come in handy, as their strong HP processing force enables them to deal with complex simulation tasks.

As well as the current iteration of Shape Generator, Autodesk is working on a range of in-depth generative design projects. One of these is Within, which is set to empower engineers with efficient latticed designs, and as part of that project, Within Medical will take an industry specific approach. Another of Autodesk's Generative Design projects is Dreamcatcher, which will process design problems and find solutions.

Generative technology is already having an impact in multiple industries. The artist Eno Henze created the piece ‘Red Ambush’ by attempting to teach a computer to draw like a person. On the scientific front, it is already helping researchers to modify organisms’ genetic programming.

To get the best from the power of Shape Generator why not consider one of our Inventor Training Courses, or for other manufacturing queries contact us now.

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