Sketching Tips for Autodesk Inventor

Inventor Sketches are a fundamental feature of Autodesk Inventor, as it's typically the base for the first feature you create in a part, and probably for many more you create after.

I will be creating some short videos of tips & tricks and best practises when working in the Sketch environment.

In the below tutorial, I go through 5 Inventor Sketch tips that will hopefully help with speeding up the process of creating sketches.

Inventor Sketch Tips:

1. When in Sketch mode, press and hold the Ctrl key to temporarily switch off constraints

2. When in Sketch mode, press and hold the Shift key to enforce tangency or perpendicular constraints from the object you are departing

3. When in Sketch mode, use Ctrl + right click to access constraints on the sub marking menu

4. When in Sketch mode, use the auto-dimension tool to speed up dimensioning

5. Leverage Sketch geometry when creating holes with the hole feature.

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