Steve Houlder – Adris Managing Director Talks About The New REVIT LT.

Well, at long last Revit LT is here. Was it worth the wait? Early adopters, have already moved to BIM and many of you are being asked to provide BIM models.

revit lt 2013 boxshot web 200x200We have had a multitude of calls, mostly around what is missing from full Revit software. We start by answering the question, and what is missing is for some just too much, no massing, no rendering, no gbxml or IFC which is equally as important if dealing with structural colleagues.

Revit LT is as much about moving your current 2d workflow to a 3d BIM environment, as it is about what's missing! It is about producing design documentation and taking the benefits of that move to 3D, and we find that many of our customers make the first steps to BIM in a "lonely" BIM environment anyway!

Reduce the risk, upgrade an AutoCAD LT get started with BIM before it’s too late to play catch up and reap the benefits! If you need full Revit and all its capabilities later, then trade it back in and upgrade! Who else offers you all this! Many practices, will find the new price point attractive, if you have full AutoCAD already, it still might be worth considering a full upgrade anyway.

One point that many miss, as with all “LT” versions is the absence of “NETWORKING” – many practices and construction companies have gone down the network licence route as a means of licence compliance – making sure they only install software they actually own and can legally use. It is a big step to then install standalone software that is, unless managed correctly, inherently more difficult to be compliant.

See the matrix below to see Revit LT v full Revit comparison, but bear in mind! Project 1? Will you use all the features?

Join us on the 28th September for our upcoming Revit LT Webinar (register here), or book an BIM introduction course on Revit LT for just £499 for 2 days!

What are you waiting for? It's never been such a good time to put the "I" in your business and make the move!


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