Taking the hit and miss out of selecting rooms and spaces in Revit

Selecting Rooms or Spaces in Revit can be a frustrating exercise, as you move your cursor around the screen the Room or Space seems to appear highlighted with a transparent colour and a cross graphic for a fraction of a second and then it’s gone. With a little practice, it does stabilise, but it’s still not easy.

Can it be made easier? Of course, we simply need to use Visibility Graphics (VG) to turn on the display of the relevant elements. If we confine this discussion to Rooms only, expand the ‘Rooms’ category with little plus symbol to expose Color Fill, Interior Fill and Reference.

Turn on the ‘Interior Fill’ option to display the transparent coloured fill pattern.

Turn on the ‘Reference’ option to display the cross.

Lastly, (although not 100% relevant to this subject), the Colour Fill option will display any graphics associated with any Colour Fill Legends that have been placed.

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