The AutoCAD Layer Status Icon Mystery Solved In Three Easy Steps

Layer Status Icon Mystery Solved in Three Easy Steps

In this AutoCAD video, I’ll share with you the knowledge to understand what those icons in the status column of the Layer Properties Manager are and how you could use them.

1. Learn how to read them and what they mean.
2. How to keep Layer Properties Manager up to date.
3. How to speed up your drawings refresh rate by controlling the Status Icon.


The AutoCAD Layer State Icon Mystery Solved In Three Easy Steps 1

Often when delivering an AutoCAD training course to both beginners and seasoned CAD masters on an update course, a question will arise; “What is that square shaped icon in the Status Column?” or “Why do some of the rectangle symbols next to the Layer Name look different?”

For many people, it is one of those areas in AutoCAD where they just visually blip past it, ignoring it with an attitude of ‘… it doesn’t affect me or the way I work, so I’ll just get on with my job, now is it time for another cuppa !?’ – and to be frank, this is normal and I did the same for years, but sometimes you can’t help but wonder why and whether it is useful at all.

Clicking on the column head of Status, AutoCAD will sort the layers in to 2 distinct groups, the little blue icons and the larger white ones, so what is the difference? Please, grab a cuppa and in just over 5 minutes I will demonstrate what they are and how you could use them.

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