The New Features of Revit 2018

Another year has passed and we now have the release of the 2018 product range from Autodesk. I’d like to concentrate in this post on the new features of Autodesk Revit 2018. There are quite a few amazing new features and yet again we see the product mature. I’ve been using Revit since 2001 and have seen quite a few changes over the years from the introduction of the Revit Structural and Revit MEP versions. The rising demand for BIM, and the information requirements for the Government Mandate. I’ve seen the end of the 3rd Party Rendering engine Accurender to the introduction of Mental and ray now the change to Autodesk Ray Tracer or ART for short.

We’ve seen the integration of better more accurate analysis tools and the integration of other products from the Autodesk portfolio, tools from Fabrication MEP and Steel Connections from Advance Steel.
Each year Autodesk spend time and effort on improving and developing tools which you want. Check out the development road map here to see where Revit is going.

You can also have your say and suggest features that you would like to see in future releases.

You can even request to join the beta program by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The product will not get better on its own. Let’s move on and see what 2018 has install for us. I’ve been beta testing this version for almost a year and some of the new features are fantastic. I love the new features for MEP fabrication as we have design line functionality in Revit. The improvements to the connection detailing is amazing and gives us great control over the visualisation of our steel work.
With the integration of the coordination model we have an even better workflow for BIM interoperability via a Navisworks federated model (.NWD) or simply a Navisworks cache file (.NMC). Not everyone will be upgrading straight away especially with current projects continuing in older versions of Revit. If you do get a chance have a play.

Download the whitepaper I've prepared by filling the form below and see all the new features of Revit 2018.

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