The New Generation Of Autodesk 360

Autodesk 360Since its initial launch in 2011, thousands of users have used Autodesk 360 to store designs, collaborate and run simulations but since then Autodesk have been working on some major enhancements.

Access to 360 services is a major benefit for customers on Autodesk subscription, but the next generation of Autodesk 360 has put a massive influence on project-based collaboration. This is brilliant as we know that many of you find that your biggest challenge is working with different project teams that all have various skill sets.

Since the initial release the folks at Autodesk have worked hard to break down that barrier and allow all project participants to view all the necessary parts of the project to them even if they don’t have the design tool that created it.

Hence the central idea of this new 360 generation is providing a tool that connects all the people, data, activities and tools within your project in a single, centralized environment.

Another feature that they have been working on is the search and view function to try and make it a critical feature of the 360 experience so that anybody in the project can search for information quickly and easily. 

And just as before data can be accessed and viewed by all involved in your project regardless of skills, tools or location.

They have also put an importance on federated data so that with Autodesk 360 and all their other 360 tools, you can have full control of where you store your data and who can view what.

I suggest that you watch the Autodesk 360 Tech Preview overview video as it will give you an insight into the next generation and show you the features that you will be able to experience when the new Autodesk 360 is rolled out.

If that wins you over you can get early access to the Autodesk 360 Tech Preview here.

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