The Revit Family Tree

When teaching Revit Family Creation to customers, one of the 1st things I do is talk to them about the differences in families. (eg system families and loadable families etc.) Sometimes I see them struggling trying to visualise all the different categories and types!

So, I started to draw up a chart to try and show the categorisation of families... and quickly noticed that it resembled an actual “Family” tree!! How apt!

I set out to create a very simple Autodesk Revit Family Tree! I’ve based this mostly on the Architectural discipline so that it falls in line with Autodesk Revit LT. Hopefully it will help you all further understand the different family categories: System and Loadable families. 

System families are created inside a project. They contain family types that you use to create basic building elements such as walls, floors, ceilings, and stairs in your building models

Loadable families are created in external RFA files and imported (loaded) in your projects.

Revit architecture autodesk family tree 2


Just remember... Everything in Revit is a family! :)

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