The Revit Workaround

Revit is brilliant in so many ways. It has some remarkable features, with each release it becomes more and more productive. But of course, like any software, there may not always be a tool for every requirement.

So, sometimes we need the famous Revit ‘Workaround’. The solution that requires some lateral thinking. The way of finding a solution with the tools at hand.

The Revit Workaround ImageThis often requires some investigation, how have others dealt with the same or similar issues? Where do I go for information?

So what follows is some guidance on how to find a workaround, if required.

To some, it may seem very obvious, to others maybe not.

So firstly, try and try again but differently, if that doesn’t work, walk away, give yourself a break and return to it later. It’s very easy to become frustrated because there is no direct route to the solution, however almost certainly somebody, somewhere has had the same problem before you, done the leg work, and posted a solution somewhere. Benefit from their knowledge and hopefully add to the common pool of knowledge with your own experiences.

The best way to deal with this subject is with a real problem. Revit cannot place a ‘Spot Slope’ on a Ramp. Ok, we could start discussing why this is not possible but the fact is it doesn’t, we need to move on and find a solution, that may require a manual procedure or be imaginative with the tools automation provides.

So our options are:

If possible, ask someone else. I know this may sound obvious, but it’s surprising how often others come up with a potential solution you may not have considered.

Ask Graitec. We are always happy to supply advice and guidance under your Graitec Support Contract.

The products Help (F1) tool. This may or may not provide a direct answer but it certainly will provide the correct ‘Keyword’ or phrase to search for elsewhere.

Forums, there are many Autodesk forums you can search or even subscribe too.

The Autodesk Knowledge Network. This has a troubleshooting and ‘Approved Answers’ section.

Autodesk University. Training, Events and online Classes. You will need to create an account and sign in.

You Tube. You will not be surprised to learn there are thousands of videos related to Autodesk products.

Your favourite search engine. Google, Chrome, Bing, Firefox, Ask, Siri, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo and many more, (please don’t be upset if I haven’t mentioned what you consider the only tool anyone would ever need). Don’t forget to use “” quotation marks around the exact syntax to improve the search results.

There are a myriad of locations where you may find workarounds to common issues. This list is not exhaustive, almost certainly, the answer to your issue is available somewhere.

Let’s put this ‘Spot Slope’ problem to the test.

The Revit Workaround Help Function

So here we have entered Revit’s Help function and searched for ‘Spot Slope’ where it’s confirmed that Spot Slopes are typically used with Roofs, Beams and Piping. Although this does not provide an answer, it does confirm the issue.

The Revit Workaround Autodesk Knowledge Network

So here we are in the Autodesk Knowledge Network and searched for ‘Spot Slope’. Although not directly the specific issue, it’s associated, two workarounds are suggested, draw the slope with line work or create a line based family.

The Revit Workaround YouTube

So now we have a look in ‘YouTube’ and search for ‘Revit Spot Slope Ramp’. This is where someone has previously experimented and discovered that although it’s not possible to place a ’Spot Slope’ on a Ramp while in a Floor Plan view, it is possible to do so while looking in plan while in a 3D view. So having placed the Spot Slope in 3D it was then copied to the clipboard (Ctrl-C) and then pasted into the same relative place in the Floor Plan.

The Revit Workaround Google

So now let’s try ‘Google’ and search for ‘Revit Spot Slope Ramp’ where we are provided with numerous forum threads explaining the same solution.

So when presented with an issue that appears to be stopping progress, it is definitely worth spending some time looking for that workaround.

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