There’s "Copy", and then there’s "Copy"

There’s Copy:

copy function revit

Used for copying objects within the current view (can be set to multiple)

And there’s Copy to Clipboard:

copy to clipboard function revit

Where you can copy multiple items to multiple levels.

Just highlight the items, click the Copy to Clip Board button (or Ctrl +C as it’s a Windows based copy), then under the Paste Drop-Down choose your desired method of pasting. Autodesk Revit allows you to select between a series of different options to place the items that have been copied to the clipboard, these are:

copy to clipboard function revit paste

By using “Aligned to Selected Levels”, you can paste them into one or more levels. In the dialog that displays, choose the levels by name. To select more than one, press Ctrl while selecting the names.

By using “Aligned to Selected Views”, you can copy view-specific elements (such as dimensions) or model and view-specific elements, you can paste them into similar types of views.

By using “Aligned to Current View”, you can paste the elements to the current view. For example, you can paste elements from a plan view to a callout view. The view must be different from the view where the elements were cut or copied.

By using “Aligned to Same Place”, you can paste the elements into the same place from where you cut or copied them. This option is useful for pasting elements between worksets or design options. Also, you can use it to paste between 2 files that have shared coordinates. Keep in mind that this option is only available if the active view you are pasting your object on is the same type of view as the view in which you copied the original element from. For example, you can paste objects aligned to the same place between two floor plan views, but not from a floor plan to a section view.

By using “Aligned to Picked Level”, you can paste the elements in an elevation view. You must be in an elevation view to use this tool, because it requires that you select a level line on which to paste the elements.

NOTE: One word of caution, I wouldn’t recommend using this for copying and pasting floors to multiple levels. It will work, but if you have placed the floor being copied and Revit has given you the option to join and cut the floor / wall overlap geometry, which you accepted:

copy to clipboard function revit paste overlap

copy to clipboard function revit paste finished1

Then using Paste to Aligned Levels will only paste the floor into those levels and not give you that option i.e. you will then need to manual edit boundary edge on each floor so that it cuts the overlapping geometry from the walls.

copy to clipboard function revit paste finished2

It’s easier and quicker to just place each floor as you go.

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