Toshiba Satellite U920T-108 - Hybrid Technology At An Amazing Price

Toshiba-Satellite U920THere at Adris we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on the latest Tablet-PC device developed by Toshiba.

With those brave enough to take on the challenge of manufacturing these hybrid tablet devices we’re seeing some truly pioneering ways to combine both Laptop and tablet formats.

If it doesn’t spin, flip, detach or slide into a multi-purpose device the likelihood is its manufacturers face the daunting prospect of being left behind.
The Toshiba Satellite U920T-108 however is genuinely innovative and adopts a slide and tilt mechanism to combine the two elements of a tablet and PC.

It weighs in at little over 1.5kgs and measures a height of just less than 20 millimetres, which is of course a bit bulkier than your average tablet but to be expected after all.

It also comes with Windows 8 pre-installed, which is a massive selling point for the Windows fanatics amongst us. If you’ve yet to experience Windows 8, you’ll have the excitement of pinching and flicking your way through the relatively new interface as you find your way. All in all, the touch screen is smooth, quick and all importantly scratch proof.

The Satellite U920T-108 is fast, with a good battery life, and more than capable of running multiple apps at once. There's a 128GB drive inside for storing more than you need and on the sides you'll find all the USB and HDMI plugins you would normally expect.
If you’ve been thinking of getting a tablet to complement your laptop this may be the ideal buy for you. Not only is it a genuine alternative to an everyday non cad laptop, but at our amazing offer price it’s an absolute steal at only £499 plus vat delivered.

You can buy online here or simply give us a call on 023 8086 8947 to place your order while stocks last.

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