Transfer Your Stand-Alone Licences to Any Computer

Licence-Transfer-UtilityIt’s a common problem, only being able to use one computer for your Stand-Alone Licence, or so you may think.

In fact the majority of Autodesk Products (including those available for Mac) include a tool called the Licence Transfer Utility (LTU) that enables online licence transfers of stand-alone licences from one machine to another.

You may have previously heard about a similar tool used for earlier products, ranging from 2009 and before, called the Portable Licence Utility (PLU). This tool is still available but for post 2010 products it’s the LTU tool you need.

You can now take your Stand-Alone Licences with you anywhere you go. You can transfer them to any computer providing you have an Autodesk ID, password and an active internet connection.

You can even set the export setting to ‘Public Export’ meaning your licence can be transferred to someone else in your organisation running the same product and serial number.

The whole process is quick and easy with only two actions – export your licence to the online server and import your licence to a computer of your choice.

Because of the ability to transfer your Stand-Alone Licence you can now work wherever you want, whenever you want.

For further instructions just go to AutoCAD services and support or call us on 023 8086 9995

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