Transferring data between projects with Revit

Frequently, we want to import data from previously created projects. If we were forced to reproduce our data with each new project, we would waste a lot of time and money doing so, fortunately, Revit provides the ‘Transfer Project Standards’ tools to help us speed up the process.

Available from the ‘Manage’ Tab on the ribbon, this tools provides a quick and easy method of importing Project Settings from one open project to another.

The following list defines some of the data available for transfer between Projects.

Types, Styles, Distribution Systems, Duct sizes, Classifications, Fill Patterns, Filters, Line Weights, Materials, Panel Schedule Templates and Project information.


This tool requires both Projects to be open simultaneously, the projects you are transferring from and to. While in the destination project, activate the ‘Transfer Project Standards’ tool, select the source project (Copy from) and tick the required items.

If any settings exist in both projects you will be given the opportunity to overwrite or import any new values.

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