Understanding Building Information Modelling for Beginners

ENI BIM Wheel 5 manageThis blog post is aimed at beginners who are completely new to BIM and need to implement it within their businesses. When I joined Adris a few months ago it was safe to say I had no idea what BIM was, I had never heard of it before and when people said the acronym I was just there processing what this may be.

Now is a whole new story though, after doing countless hours of research and ofcourse working in the business for a while and gaining knowledge from the professionals, I can safely say I know what the basic stages of BIM are. So the point of this blog post is to give you newbies the lowdown.

What is BIM?

BIM or Building Information Modelling is gathering all information needed for a project into one digital format, from the inception all the way through to decommission. Everything that is needed will be in this one place, so you basically need to think of it as a building life-cycle.

This is all done using an intelligent 3D model and with this you can communicate project decisions, collaborate, visualize and design through the internet and on your computer rather than having countless meetings, tons of printed hand-outs and numerous amounts of revised paper drawings. BIM will enable you to achieve business goals and successfully complete projects easier.

What is Level 2 BIM?

BIM Level 2 is something that the UK Government wants public sector projects to utilise by 2016 because this is the Capital Project Deadline. BIM is becoming a mandatory thing and the different levels describe which stage the businesses is at when implementing BIM into a business.

The Levels range from 0 to 3; Level 0 being no BIM implementation and the company will still be using paper for data exchange, to Level 3 where the company would have a fully integrated process using web services for BIM communication. To find out more on BIM levels check out our recent blog post.

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What is IFC and COBie?

(COBie is a subset of IFC) IFC - Industry Foundation Class is an open exchange format that is being adopted by all large software venders to allow exchange of modelled data between differing packages. COBie extrapolates a degree of this data and exports it into excel spreadsheets; documenting all of the key information involved in the BIM project.

All this information is in one format and then can be shared between the different collaborating teams, allowing each of the team members to see and have all the information they require; for the models that are shown within the project.

The information could come from CAD drawings or models and then be linked to the information from the specification model. Within this excel document you would find different sheets and this enables all the information to be split up correctly and makes it easier to find and view. The sheets would most likely include – floor, type, component, contact and job but ofcourse these can vary and a lot more can be added.

What software is used?

CAD-hire-banner-main-rightAutodesk software is by far the most popular software for BIM implementation within the UK probably because it is so well known and people have confidence that it is one of the easier programmes to use but still holds endless opportunities.

Autodesk Revit gets mentioned the most in BIM videos and around 49% of people use it within their BIM implementation*, but other programmes can be used and these can vary from AutoCAD to the Building Design Suite, both of which Autodesk supplies, to other third party programmes.

At Adris we recently did a webinar on BIM for Manufacturing. If you are in that industry or would simply like to learn some more about the BIM process then go to our YouTube channel today and give it a watch.

If you would like help implementing Building Information Modelling within your business and projects don't hesitate to contact us on 023 8086 8947 or request more information.


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