Update 6 for Inventor 2013 Service Pack 2

inventor-2015-badge-128pxAutodesk have just released another new update for Inventor 2013. The great advantage to this one is that it includes all the other updates in one, so if you are a bit behind on the times there's no need to spend a day installing each pack individually.

For this update you need to have at least one of the following products installed on your computer: Inventor Professional 2013, Inventor 2013, Factory Design Suite Premium or Ultimate 2013 and finally Product Design Suite Premium or Ultimate 2013. If you have one of these programmes installed then it is guaranteed to run smoothly.

There aren't loads of issues that have been addressed in this pack but with six already available Inventor runs a lot better than it did in the beginning. A few of the fixes include: selecting a point of sketch no longer disables after editing the sketch, updating drawings doesn't corrupt the section view and unexpected exiting has been solved with a number of components.

To find out more and to install this update then head over to the Autodesk Site and take a look at the read me file.

If you are tired of updates after updates then take a look at our software page and see what is available in Inventor 2015. If upgrading your software is something you are interested in the give us a call on 023 8086 8947 or request a quote.


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