Have You Thought About Upgrading Your AutoCAD To Product Design Suite?

product-design-suite-2015-badge-256pxIf your AutoCAD software is being used for product/design engineering and you want to support both 2D and 3D design processes and workflows; then why aren't you using Autodesk Product Design Suite? It is the ideal suite for you.

Autodesk Product Design Suite (PDS) brings together a collection of 2D and 3D software to assist product design consultants and engineers to move through the design process; whilst using the integrated 3D design, visualisation and simulation tools encompassed in the suite.

PDS has a vast array of features and functionalities that won't be in your current AutoCAD software that will allow you to do more than you have done before. This includes the capability of utilising the revolutionary approach of Digital Prototyping.

Digital Prototyping in PDS allows you amongst other things to design, validate and manufacture your products virtually without the need to build a prototype meaning that you will be able to get your product to the market faster and reduce costs.

By upgrading you will enjoy the bonus of 3D capabilities that aren't available in AutoCAD which enables you to have clearer design validation when performing 3D mechanical design, part modelling and assembly design to name just a few.

Transforming your software to PDS will give you exceptional value by gaining a number of Autodesk software solutions that are encompassed in the suite including Inventor, various specialist AutoCADs' and more. But if you upgrade before 25th April and join subscription, you will be able to save 30% off of your new Product Design Suite increasing the exceptional value.

These increased tools will allow you to improve your design workflow with the wider range of tools now accessible in your software therefore giving you the opportunity to win more business.

Ultimately PDS will allow you to get your products to market faster, increase customer satisfaction, reduce manufacturing costs, creative innovative products that AutoCAD will possibly not allow you to do.

To find out more about upgrading to Product Design Suite from AutoCAD before Autodesk remove the ability to upgrade as of 1st February 2015 call us on today on 023 8086 8947 or request a quote.


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