Use CS ArtisanRV and let Revit blossom

Are you a landscape architect wanting to bring all of the cutting-edge benefits of BIM into your work? Well now is the time, as CS Design’s CS Artisan RV allows you to apply Revit to landscape projects.

Although Revit is an industry leading BIM product, out of the box it lacks several core components of landscape software. For a start, it lacks the robust systems required for the landscape, site works and external works. To become an indispensable product for landscape architects it needs softworks and hardworks tools, as well as an integrated planting database.

This is where CS ArtisanRV comes in to the equation. It has a range of superb features for the control of planting, including Age by Planting by Year, which enables you to control all the important parameters, and the Show feature, which enables you to display all of the plants in your model in detail.

The all new Parametric Planting Familes capabilities mean that you can now view your plants in stunning detail. Plants are styled individually according to the information on the CSDhub web repository, and now have more flexibility to age individually and more realistically.

There are handy ways to keep track of other objects within your model as well. Object Properties allows you to display all your objects either as single items, or by browsing all artisan objects. Tag Options means that you can place text labels besides objects in the model, helping you to easily monitor using both free text and predefined parameters.

ArtisanRV also contributes capabilities for dealing with softworks and hardworks issues. On the hardworks side, ArtisanRV provides the user with a range of fencing models to choose from. For softworks, it is easy to create hedges with the Linear Planting function.

I have barely scratched the surface of the excellent features available with CS Artisan RV, but briefly, some of the others include Shadow Analysis, which is helpful in warm climates, Topo to Floor, which means you can convert the Topo surface to the Floor, and there is also Palette Builder, which allows users to collaborate on the cloud.

To find out everything you need to know about CS Artisan RV,visit our Revit Landscape Design software page. If you have any enquiries, please send us a message:

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