Using the IFC Export tool from the iConstruct add in for Navisworks

As we know, .IFC is a very useful, widely supported file format. For example, if we wanted to take a model from Navisworks in to Revit, the IFC format would be ideal. Unfortunately, Navisworks has only a small number of export options, and IFC export is not available out of the box.

However, we now have a way of exporting an IFC out of Navisworks, thanks to iConstruct, the brilliant add in software which comes with several configurable tools, including IFC Export.

This tool can be used at a basic level to create an IFC file, or it can be configured to attain a more intelligent IFC output. Read on to find out how to get started with the basic way:

With our Navisworks dataset open, we go to the iConstruct window and under General Configuration we will find Smart IFC Export Configuration.

iconstruct ifc export 2

At the most basic level, we do not need to do anything other than create a new template and save it to be ready to run it on our model.

iconstruct ifc export 3

Once the IFC export template is set up we select what we want to export in the selection tree, and click on our template under Smart IFC Export. We then fill in information regarding our export, pick a location to save in, and name the IFC file. ** The IFC file will be a larger file size than the Navisworks dataset. **

iconstruct ifc export

Please look out for a more in-depth paper on the iConstruct IFC Export tool which is coming soon, or send an enquiry now to get in touch with us directly:

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