Using layer mapping while exporting .DWG format files from Revit

Revit has the ability to export AutoCAD drawing files which have predefined layer name and colour properties. This is achieved by using an ‘Export Setup’ which allows us to define specific layer names and colours for categories within Revit. Using this technique, we can accurately define the layer and colour properties of AutoCAD elements which have been exported from Revit.

• You can find the DWG export tool by navigating to: Application Menu – Export – CAD Formats – DWG.

• Here we can define which View to export and specify an ‘Export Setup’. By default, the current view will be exported but any combination of views and/or sheets can be specified. This becomes useful when you want to export multiple views at one time.

• The Export Setup will enable us to cross reference a Revit Category with an AutoCAD Layer and Colour, if required, we can define our own custom ‘Export Setup’ for future use. An ‘Export Setup’ will capture all of the variables specified for later use. In the example below the roof surface pattern has been defined to appear on layer ‘Roof Hatch’ in colour number 1(Red) and then saved as ‘Graitec Export’ setup.

Optionally, we can add ‘Layer Modifiers’ which enable us to further define the layers properties. For example, we could have Revit append additional information to the layer name, for example, the Phase the roof was created in, or in the example shown below, which ‘View Type’ the roof was shown in (i.e. Floor Plans, Elevations, etc.) The main layer name and its modifier can be separated with a user specified symbol. (In this example, three dashes have been specified)

So, along with the specified layer name for the category ‘Roof’ the ‘View Type’ is also appended, separated by ‘---‘.

The resulting name of the layer is shown below.

Layer Mapping 5

If we interrogate the resulting AutoCAD drawing, we will find the roof resides on layer ‘Roof Hatch---Floor Plan’ in colour 1 (Red)

Layer Mapping 6

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