Using Routing Preferences to Define Fittings in Duct Types

Duct Types define the variation in Ductwork. Within any given Duct Type the ‘Routing Preferences’ property determines which fitting family is used for elbows, junctions, transitions etc.

To define the appropriate fittings within a Routing Preference we must edit the Duct Type.

This will give us access to the ‘Type Properties’ dialogue. Where we can edit the ‘Routing Preferences’.

Here we can specify which Duct Fittings to use. In the example shown below, a ‘Rectangular Medium Radius Bend – Flanged: Standard’ bend is used when placing down duct using the ‘Flanged Radius Bend / Shoe Branch’ type. If we required a different fitting we could use the ‘Load Family’ option to import another duct fitting (available from – Program Data – Autodesk – RVT2016 – Libraries – Uk – Fittings) and then select another fitting as an alternative.

Using this procedure, we can define numerous Duct Types with different fittings specified.

Have a look at the video below for an overview of the procedure.

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