Using the ReConstruct tool in the iConstruct Navisworks Extension

When we open/append models in Navisworks, the models sometimes contain geometry for model items that are not required. Fortunately, the iConstruct Navisworks Extension comes with a number of configurable tools and one of those is ReConstruct, a simple but powerful tool which allows us to select any item or items within the model and then re-construct them in to a new Navisworks .nwd file.

We start by opening a Navisworks file - this one contains Architectural, Structural and MEP elements.

iconstruct reconstruct 1

To make things easier we could use search/selection sets to choose what we want to be in or new re-constructed model, or we can select from the Selection Tree, or even just manually select in the scene view.

iconstruct reconstruct 2

iconstruct reconstruct 3

Then we go to the ReConstruct Configuration option in the iConstruct window:

iconstruct reconstruct 4

We can set this up as a simple Export Selected Only and save as a template.

iconstruct reconstruct 5

When we run the template, we get a dialog box where we specify a name and save location. When this process is complete we are still in the original model, so now we need to open the new re-constructed model, which now only contains the items we previously selected.

iconstruct reconstruct cover

Read our blog on using the iConstruct Append Data tool here, or send us a message to find out how to get started with this fantastic add-in: Navisworks is available in the Autodesk AEC collection.

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