Vault Features In Inventor You Should Be Using!

All you Vault users are already aware of some of the great features available within the product, but it can be surprising what has been introduced over the years to a user. Many of the functions you rely on from the Autodesk Vault client are now available straight from Inventor, and there have been some great additions too - check out the information below or watch my video. 

You can open any Autodesk Inventor file stored in a vault without leaving the Inventor application, by using the 'Open from Vault' feature on the Inventor Vault Add-in.

2015-02-09 09-17-34

Many people aren't aware this interface holds many options, including; the ability to customise what properties are available, perform Vault searches, saved searches, and go to or create Vault shortcuts to files and folders.

2015-02-09 09-09-04

You can use the Vault Browser in Inventor to view the status of files.

When working with a design team on the same project, files might be checked out to other team members, not checked out or not in Vault. You can filter the files listed in the Vault Browser by accessing the Filter menu.


Stay tuned for my next blog post where I shall be going through some sketching tips for Autodesk Inventor.

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