Autodesk Vault Searching Tips

Hello everybody. This is one for all you vault users no matter if its Basic, Workgroup or Professional.

Autodesk Vault has many benefits but one that not everybody is aware of is the ability to quickly find out who is working on what at any given time. Let’s open our vault Application.

Vault Searching Tips 1

Now I know all my files are in there and I can see the status of these when I navigate the various directories, but what I want is to see a list of everything that is currently being worked on (IE, checked out). So let’s click on the little downward pointing triangle at the top right, just next to the magnifying glass, and then click on “Find”.

Vault Searching Tips 2

This will bring up the “Find” dialogue box. Next Click the advanced tab as indicated below.

Vault Searching Tips 3

Now we need to find a list of everything that is being worked on. Effectively, everything which is checked out. For this we will select the following.

Property : Checked Out By
Condition : Is Not Empty

This should look like the picture below. Next click “Find Now” and you will be presented with a list of all the items that are checked out.

Vault Searching Tips 4

Very useful I’m sure you will agree if you just want to see what’s currently being worked on.

Don’t forget, you can also add additional fields to view by right clicking on any of the titles and then selecting “Customize View” from the content menu, as show below.

Vault Searching Tips 5

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