Vault Workgroup and Professional 2015 R2

Vault 2015 2014It may have been a little bit of a wait but the Vault Workgroup and Professional 2015 R2 is now here and it comes with a load of key enhancements making it ten times better than before, and what's even better is that its available to all companies on subscription.

In this release there have been certain items removed so make sure you don't need these functionality's before installing the update. Items removed include: compare bill of material, item import, item export, item pack service API's, Purge item and purge all, item restore, item rollback lifecycle state change, item effectivity and restricting item lifecycle state change to change orders. If you want to install the update then simply go onto the Autodesk Subscription Centre and it can be found under product enhancements.

Let's move on to the exciting part! There are so many new features/key enhancements in this release of Autodesk Vault which will allow you to simplify your workflow and enhance your design experience. So let's take a look at just a few of the new elements:

• Item lifecycle enhancements – manage several lifecycle definitions per item category and manage obsolete components with the new obsolete state flag.

• Improved Administration – administrators can now easily work in the lifecycle scheme dialogs with new states and an entity filter.

• Item Dialog disability – configure the associated files list view in the general tab. Also an added 'exit edit mode' plus an improved 'save as' and 'watermarking' option.

• BOM properties and Enhancements – Now have a more collaborative approach because of the further BOM properties, support and reporting.

• Copy Design – This has been completely redone and you can now: multiple file copy, instanced based copy, reference support (improved), pending file operations, auto numbering and so much more.

• Vault Office – With the Vault Office you can batch print, send transmittal's, participate in ECO activity, create and edit supporting projects, design data and the possibilities just continue and continue.

This is just a small batch of the new features but if I continued its safe to say that this blog post would be a couple pages long. To find out more on what Ive listed above and to see what else has been added/improved then check out the Autodesk Vault document.

Moreover, at Adris we sell a number of Autodesk software products so if you are interested in purchasing Vault or any other software or even upgrading to the latest version, then give us a call on 023 8086 8947 or request a quote and we will be more than happy to help.

If you want to find out if Vault is the software for you or maybe you want to learn a bit about it then we have two webinars running so take a look at our events page and register today.


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