Virtual Reality at the Inventor User Group

Here at Graitec we had lots of interest at the MFG user group. Graitec professional series VR department created a bespoke demo set for the event. The focus was around an F1 car as this is of more interest to our mechanical customers. The event yielded 100 attendees who were all there to learn about the new features of Autodesk Inventor 2018. Graitec took the opportunity to show off some of our talents and the feedback was very rewarding.

virtual reaility f1 model lotus graitec

The demo VR experience featured a Lotus Renault F1 car which was originally a mechanical model created in Inventor. We brought this through using our workflow into the software we use to create the VR scene. Using VR functionality and utilising the head mounted display and motion controllers we gave the ability to teleport and navigate around 3d model at 1:1 perspective. Other features of the demo included model customisation in the form of colour changing options for the chassis of the car. This gives the customer the freedom to see different design elements before ordering their finalised product. A model importer was added to user interface with tools included which would give the ability to see if the spanner for instance would fit into to certain areas for an engineer to work on the product.

virtual reality demonstration inventor manufacturing graitec
We had lots of people having a go and coming up with ideas of how Virtual Reality could help them with their products. Seeing is believing, VR is massive now so getting on board will give you the edge in winning those big commissions. If you would like to discuss Graitec's Virtual Reality or your ideas on how this could benefit your company, please feel free to contact us on the button below:

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