HP-logoVibrant high end 3D graphics. Secure, flexible environment. 2u rack mount. ISV certified workstation applications.

These are just some of the features that the new HP DL380z will offer. This high end workstation is designed to enable mobile business users to access workstation-class applications via a variety of electronic devices including tablets, notebooks and phones, when carrying around a workstation is simply not feasible.

HP DL380z is specifically designed for the fields of engineering, CAD, AEC, digital media, oil and gas exploration, education and government.

If data is securely stored in the data centre then employees who have the need to work remotely will be able to access that data with the HP DL380z. As it is a system that is always on it can be used by businesses even when it's not in use for virtual workstation sessions giving that ever important extra return on investment.

If employees have certain HP devices e.g. the HP mt41, HP t620, HP t820 they can also use the HP DL380z to enhance their machines performance when using programmes and graphic applications.

High-end technology from HP, NVIDIA GRID GPU and Citrix Virtualization means that the HP DL380z has all this technology in one workstation:

• Latest dual NVIDIA GRID K2 graphic cards with support for up to eight midrange workstations
• NVIDIA Quardo K6000, K5000 and K4000 graphics technology support for up to four high end workstation users
• Citrix XenServer and HDX 3D Pro virtualization technology to ensure high performance remote access to 3D CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM and other workstation class applications

As the HP DL380z has the latest graphic cards it means the visualisation is powerful and vibrant. The images you will see are very high quality and the 3D graphic performance is top notch. It's definitely a machine that should be owned by businesses with a mobile workforce requiring access to powerful computing technology.virtual ws hero tcm 245 1643189

A top advantage of having the HP DL380z is the security measurements it has in place so your data is in the right hands and doesn't get distributed anywhere you don't want it to. This is often a show stopper for cloud applications working on data centre hardware.

Security is maintained by transmitting encrypted pixel data through LANs and WANs. It also allows you to manage profiles of all the different users via provisioning and multiple configuration.

Moreover, the 2U form factor means that you can easily integrate existing customer data with the centre infrastructure with no additional hardware needed.

Jim Zafarana, vice president/general manager, Commercial Solutions Business Unit, HP said "As IT needs change, customers are looking to HP for a virtualized workstation solution to support centralized/secure data access, high-availability applications and demanding graphics workloads.

The HP DL380z will provide a true workstation experience that offers end-to-end security and industry-leading ILO (Integrated Lights Out) centralized management in an industry-standard 2U form factor."

Keep an eye out on our social media for a release date so you can experience this virtual workstation in the cloud.

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