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There are many approaches available to help tackle reinforced concrete wall design, some of them easy - some not. However, there are few that allow you to analyse and design continuously without leaving the one environment.

Since the latest version of Graitec's Advance Design structural design and analysis software and BIM Designers RC Wall module have been released, I thought it necessary to highlight some of the new workflows available in Advance Design. Particularly those which aid the design of concrete walls as I know this is a hot topic now, especially in the UK.


It is common practice in industry for an engineer to carry out their analysis on a structure, once obtaining the results the engineer (if they're lucky) can obtain some theoretical reinforcement values in their chosen software - or they pull the analysis results from the software and them either plug them into a different specialised software or even the trusty spreadsheet.

In Advance Design - the story is different.

In Advance Design the user can run an analysis of their choosing. Whether it is lateral loads concerning the engineer or they're conducting a seismic analysis through a response spectrum or time history using accelerograms which are now available. The user can now design for all these scenarios with a simple right-click.


Once launched, all necessary Eurocode 2 verifications are carried out and displayed.


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There is a lot of information available to the engineer immediately. They can navigate through 3D space, inspecting all reinforcement which has been laid out by the wall module. During this time, they may take note of bars they wish to change manually in the Reinforcement dialogue - the user always remains in complete control of the process.

It is important to note that we have now left the FEM environment and entered the world of BIM, all this information is captured and can be readily synchronised with our Autodesk Revit model. Allowing complete fluidity in the design & simulate phases of a project’s life-cycle.

It is this transfer of data that makes Advance Design one of the most intelligent and communicative structural analysis software packages on the market. It provides analysis & design within one environment ultimately enhancing communication both upstream to the architect/client and downstream to the builder on-site. A simple approach to reinforced concrete wall design, but an effective workflow for an industry where spreadsheets still reign supreme.

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As always, get in contact with me if you have any further questions regarding the content of this blog – you can find me on LinkedIn. or for more information or to discuss your structural design software requirements click on the button below and we'll get back to you.


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