What is Autodesk Vault Data Standard and how to set it up

Where can I find Vault Data Standard?

If you have a subscription that includes Autodesk Vault for Workgroup or Vault Professional you can download Autodesk Vault Data Standard from your Autodesk account.

There are three install files for Data Standard. One for Vault, Inventor and AutoCAD.

vault data standard 1

Depending on your requirements for Data Standard you may only want to use one, or you may want to use all three.

What is Vault Data Standard?

Vault Data Standard is an add-in for Autodesk Vault, Inventor and AutoCAD.

vault data standard 2

vault data standard 3

vault data standard 4

It helps to ensure that all relevant design information is captured when creating a file in Vault, or if you are creating a file in Inventor or AutoCAD before adding it to Vault. You can standardise on things like templates, file location, mandatory fields or information required during data creation.

One great option that data standards give the user is access to the great Vault auto generated numbering schemes. These can be used with properties, other data standard fields or information to populate the correct next available file name or drawing number on file creation or file save.

It will work out of the box, but depending on what you need it mayrequire some configuration and setup as per company standards. This is simple to achieve and only requires modification or addition to the Data Standard Default PS1 files. (Contact us at the bottom of the blog, and we will be happy to help)

This is an example snip of the PS1 file which is used to generate the file name of an Inventor assembly file:

vault data standard 5 500

Below are some examples of file creation using the Data Standard add-in for Vault and Inventor.

Vault Data Standard

To create a new file directly, for example choose assigning a calculations category, document type as office document, template as an Excel template file and the file name will be automatically created based on those selections.

Note that I cannot select the OK button until all the required mandatory fields have been populated.

vault data standard 6

New file created in Vault with new file name and all mandatory information has been populated.

vault data standard 7

Inventor Data Standard

To save a new part file in inventor using the add-in, in the data standard dialog box select the Vault folder where the file needs to go, then assign the correct category and number scheme required. Fill in all required information.

Note: I cannot select the OK button until all the required mandatory fields have been populated.

vault data standard 8

New file has been created in Inventor with a new file name and all mandatory information populated.

vault data standard 9

At Graitec we can help with your Data Standard setup and configuration so please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance or help:

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